The Elegant Child has been our family’s “home away from home” for the past five years.  We currently have three children attending this wonderful school, ages 5, 2 and 1.  Since the moment we walked into the Infant 1 room five years ago, my husband and I knew that each teacher and administrator would give our children the very best care each day.  We can honestly say that there has never been a moment we were unsure of the care our children were receiving.  As working parents of three young children, each day comes with its challenges but everyone at The Elegant Child is always looking for ways to assist or make our days less stressful.  If there was a TripAdvisor star rating for childcare facilities, we would without a doubt give this school 5 stars!

We also want to point out that our kids are so well socialized and easily hitting their milestones. We must give this credit to the EC teachers.  Our oldest child is now attending the Kindergarten class with Mr. Nick Stecko and is now teaching us facts about the weather, planets, social studies and more.  It is truly amazing.  It’s funny because people often ask why we don’t get a nanny with three children and we have to say it would be a disservice to our younger children to not get an equal experience to our eldest.  We cannot say enough good things about this school.  It is absolutely the BEST and we would recommend The Elegant Child to any family with children of all ages!

- Tiffany and Chris Duncan


We love the Kindergarten program at Elegant Child.  Our child, Reese, has thrived in the environment.  Mr. Stecko and Miss Payne provide so many hands on learning experiences.  Reese comes home daily to tell us what she is in the process of learning, from science experiments of building volcanoes and hatching baby chicks to the field trips that tie into community service.


Of course, they cover the basic subjects, so she is learning academically, but we’ve also seen her mature socially and become a much more confident kid.  We feel she is fully prepared for her next school adventure and know this class will be a big part of her future success.


The Kindergarten program at Elegant Child really prepares students for the next chapter by providing a successful foundation based on caring and knowledge. - Adam & Melissa Wilburn


Our first impression of Elegant Child ended up being correct. Yes, we found a welcoming and loving place but we found more than that. We received health advice for everything from cuts and bruises to asthma and the dreaded hand-foot-mouth disease. We received parenting advice, but more often reassurance that everything will be okay. 

As time goes on, many of my kids' explicit memories of teachers' names and activities fade away. What they are left with is the deep, permanent, emotional memory that they were loved every day. 

And for that, there is no equal gift that I can give in return. I can only give you my heartfelt, sincere, and lifelong gratitude for helping me raise my kids.

 Sara & Tony Steele


As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my son in 2007, I knew where I wanted him to go. I worked at The Elegant Child throughout college and there was no doubt in my mind that this was the school my children would attend.  He started there at 3 months of age and we happened to live relatively close to the school at the time. When he turned 2, we moved about 25 minutes away but that didn’t stop us from continuing the commute to The Elegant Child because we knew it was the best option around. He stayed at The Elegant Child until it was time to go to Kindergarten. Everyday when I dropped him off and went to work, I knew he was in good hands. As mama’s it is always hard to leave your kid for 8-9 hours a day, but seeing the smile on his face when he saw his friends or teachers left me knowing I made the right choice for him.


Everyone there was truly like family to us, so naturally when we had our second child in 2014, there was (again) no doubt in our mind where she would attend school. She is now 2.5 and we still drive 25 minutes a day each way to take her to school. It is worth every mile and every minute spent in the car to know that my daughter is in good hands and learning from the best teachers around.


When people compliment my children for their manners or tell me they seem so smart for their age, I always give credit where credit is due- to The Elegant Child. My children would not be the amazing tiny humans they are today if it weren’t for the amazing staff and teachers (a.k.a our family) here.


I have recommend so many friends and family to The Elegant Child and I will continue to do so, even once my youngest moves on to elementary school.  I know, hands down, they are the best.


-Ashley Molitor

The Elegant Child recognizes that our parents have a variety of childcare choices and we appreciate the parents that entrust us with the care and opportunity to educate your children. Here's what they've had to say!